Yealink BH76 Series
May 2, 2023
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October 20, 2023

Yealink BH72 Series

Anywhere Communication To hear and be heard clearly





The truest voice takes you where you hear
The Ole Wolff diaphragm, an industry-leading professional acoustic component, provides a wider frequency response and higher sensitivity of music, enabling everyone to enjoy the full sound of originalities and fineness.

Be heard, and also be understood
Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology ensures distraction-free audio quality in daily calling with a virtual shield created by multiple microphones, to ensure you’ve been heard clearly.

Your words will never be late or lost
Specially tailored noise-cancellation microphones, placed in retractable Magic Boom, together with beamforming, gets your message across completely even in noisy environments with clear and crisp voice transferred.

One time powering, one week using
Available for QI wireless charging, and bundle with special tailored UC Powerstation for daily powering, BH72 supports up to 40 hours of battery efficiency, covering one week’s working need normally and accompanying you to fight till the last minute without power anxiety.

Defend your work, boost your productivity
Visible busylight in ultra-wide-angle, automatically activated by coming calls or manually by pressing two volume buttons simultaneously, is engineered to protect your working state and concentration from any interruption when you immerse in a call, meeting, or something that matters.

Win your business, and also elegance
A huge effort has also been devoted to the headset design, including unique outlook design, classic black & light gray color, premium fabric, and cutting-edge manufacture, and proudly honored with Red Dot and IF industry-leading design awards. It’s not only designed for incredible attractiveness but also your graceful experience and inherent confidence in millions of moments.

Switch to casual in one second
Move seamlessly from the office to the on-the-go, with a contemporary casual design and a discretely hidden boom arm that still guarantees exceptional professional-sounding calls, even when tucked away. So when you’re on the go, only you’ll know you’re working.

Considerate everything to feel like nothing
Ergonomics & human caring factors are the soul of the BH76 headset. So biometric research of hundreds of heads and wearing styles were done to create a perfect headset fitting every size and shape, ensuring your comfort till the last minute even in long-time working.

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