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Headset Zone one-stop UC terminal solutions unify voice, video and data, and are designed for businesses of all sizes. Their solutions work for every kind of user, from executives to receptionists, and can accommodate staff communicating from an office, a conference room or on the go.

Why Headsets?

The mantra of most Call Centers today is to ‘engage’ the customer to impart a feeling of trustworthiness, emphasize company transparency and show empathy while interacting with the customer/client/caller.

‘Customer Satisfaction’ is definitely an art, which can invariably generate high customer retention and increase company sales and/or service. First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Order Value and Decreasing Cost per Contact are achieved by balancing operational expertise with program insights.

Sennheiser CC 550

Over the head, binaural headset with extra-large ear caps supplied with ultra noise cancelling microphone and Sennheiser's exclusive ActiveGard® protection technology.

  • HD voice clarity: The CC 550 IP wideband headset delivers natural high-definition sound for superior voice clarity, accented speaker recognition, and reduced echo
  • Boosted productivity: The binaural headset blocks background noise, allowing total concentration for increased productivity
  • Superior fit: Independently adjustable dual-padded headband and ball-mounted speakers ensure a perfect fit
  • Precision positioning: 300° adjustable microphone boom for personalized mic placement.
  • Optimum clarity: An ultra noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient sounds for clearer speech

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The ability for people to collaborate—to work together—is mission-critical for any organization.

Call Centre Headsets Headsets provide proven cost savings, are comfortable, reliable and provide outstanding performance. Combine that with the full support and service of an industry leader, makes Starkey Headsets your choice for all of your call centre and commercial headset needs.

A poor headset allows the attendant’s words to be blurred by background noise from other people in the room. These individuals deal with a high volume of calls on a daily basis; so combating these extraneous noises with each call greatly decreases their productivity as well as the overall revenue for the company.

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